Totem Pole

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  • April 16, 2019


IMG_9BDE117D04EF-1On October 27, 2019 Alison Marks became the first Tlingit woman to carve and raise a totem pole. The 10 ft old growth red cedar totem pole was carved in honor of Marks’ grandfather, John Bremner Sr. The pole depicts a Raven on top, Bremner’s clan, and John Bremner Sr is depicted on the bottom, holding a thermos of coffee.

The totem pole was made possible by the James W. Ray Venture Project Award from the Frye Art Museum/Artist Trust consortium. The totem pole was carved under the instruction of David A. Boxley in Kingston, WA then finished in Yakutat, AK. The totem pole was raised in Yakutat next to the house that John Bremner Sr. built. The raising was accompanied by a traditional Tlingit ceremony and potlatch.