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Frye Art Museum Permanent Collection

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Although the solo exhibition “One Gray Hair” at the Frye Art Museum has ended, a piece of the show will live on in the permanent collections of the Frye Art Museum. The selected piece is “Chemically Tanned”, a rawhide cast of a female form.

Thank you to the Frye Art Museum and staff for a wonderful exhibition experience.

Celebration 2018 Design

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Thank you to Sealaska Heritage Institute for the opportunity to design the Celebration 2018 artwork. Celebration is a biennial dance event held in Juneau, AK.

The design is a speech bubble, depicting how words take on a life of their own when released into the world. The first Celebration held in 1982 was powerful. There was more Lingít spoken than English. The event brought back a resurgence of traditional dance. Now, with our Tlingit, Haida and Tsimshian languages critically endangered, it’s time to use the vibrancy of our culture and dance to bring back our languages.

More information on Celebration here: