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Burke Museum Of Natural History and Culture Acquisition

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BigMoney copy
The Burke Museum of Natural History and Culture has acquired Bremner’s piece, “Big Money”, for their permanent collections.

The copper shield, or tináa, was an object of wealth and prestige among the Northwest Coast First Nations people. It was brought out to display during potlatch, and represented more than just the value of the copper.

Tináas once held a money-like value that today is held by dollar bills. Big Money is the next step from the Potlatch Dollars jewelry line, which features images of money superimposed onto copper shields.

Gunalchéesh, thank you to the Burke Museum of Natural History and Culture!

Native American Heritage Month Lecture Series

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Sealaska Heritage Institute in Juneau, Alaska will be sponsoring a series of lectures during Native American Heritage Month. There will be lectures by David A. Boxley, Steve Brown, Robert Davidson and Perry Eaton. The series will conclude with a panel of young artists titled “Northwest Coast Art Into the Future”.

“Northwest Coast Art Into the Future” will be comprised of Alison Bremner, David R. Boxley, Rico Worl and Nicholas Galanin. The panel will take place at noon on December 3rd at the Living History Center in the Walter Soboleff Building. The event is free to the public, and a video of the panel will be posted online after the event.

December 3, 2015
Walter Soboleff Building
Juneau, AK
Free Admission