Museum of Anthropology Design Contest

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  • July 16, 2015

Raven&Dinos(Blue) copy

Alison Bremner is thrilled to have won her second consecutive Museum of Anthropology T-shirt Design Contest! The design, How Raven Accidentally Wiped Out the Dinosaurs, will be available for a period of one year exclusively through the Museum of Anthropology in Vancouver, BC.

“At a certain point in history, the Raven mythologies stop. I am interested in continuing the Raven narratives. The task we have been given as First Nations people of rebuilding our cultures is very serious. Because of that, First Nations people themselves have been cast as very serious. In attempting to stay consistent with the tone of the old stories, the Raven mythologies focus on humor while attempting to bring the stories into present day.

What did our ancestors think, if and when they encountered a massive fossil? “How Raven Accidentally Wiped Out the Dinosaurs” tells the tale of how one of Raven’s schemes elsewhere in the cosmos backfired, sending him smashing into earth. Obliterating life as it was then, and ultimately clearing the way for human civilization.”

Adult and kids’ sizes are available and can be shipped internationally. To order, contact or 604-827-4810.