David A. Boxley and Fred Bemis Totem Poles

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  • July 10, 2015


Left: Alison Bremner paints on David A. Boxley’s totem pole
Right: Bremner paints on Fred Bemis’ totem pole

2015 has been the summer of totem pole painting! Alison Bremner is fortunate to have apprenticed with Tsimshian master David A. Boxley and Tlingit artist Fred Bemis on their respective totem pole projects.

Carved in 1995, Boxley’s 40ft pole stands in Port Ludlow, WA. Bremner was part of a refurbishing team brought in to repair and repaint the pole. It is expected for a pole to require touchups after being exposed to the elements.

Fred Bemis, a Yakutat Tlingit carver, was hired by the Rasmuson Foundation and the Yakutat Tlingit Tribe to create a 12ft totem pole. The pole tells the story of the relationship between the Yakutat people and the Rasmuson Foundation family. Bremner was brought on as an apprentice to paint what was the second totem pole in post-contact Yakutat history.

Upon completion, both poles were welcomed with a day of ceremony. Thank you to David A. Boxley, Fred Bemis, the Rasmuson Foundation, and the Yakutat Tlingit Tribe for the wonderful opportunities!